This will be a short one. We just had both the issue of breaking down a door and poisoning a person come up in one fight and took a minute to look at the double-attribute checks as well as Berserk.

We have already established that Triten is a very number sensitive system. This is best exemplified by the pure double attribute check. Let's be upfront on this one, these are the single most point efficient checks possible (from a character creation point of view) simply because every attribute point counts twice.

Below I will list the attribute, the modifier, the point cost of that attribute along with notes on our "batman" build from my analysis of the races.

Attribute Mod Cost
1 2 1
2 4 3
3 6 6 (Batman's Personality and Attractiveness)
4 8 10 (Batman's Constitution and Wisdom)
5 10 15 (Batman's Strength)
6 12 21
7 14 28 (Batman's Dex, Agility, and Intelligence are here)
8 16 36
9 18 45
10 20 55

Now by this, we can tell a few things.
First of all, batman cannot kick down a standard door (DC 24, although he could pull off breaking lesser doors with good rolls) and has a 30% chance of passing his check against a DC 16 poison (the most common poison DC. 10% chance against DC18) Batman also has a Reaction of 11 and a Will of 10. Not bad rolls, but not great.

Side note, Doors are tough and poisons are kinda scary...

Currently, in the game we are running, I am playing a turtle (built prior to making any analysis) with...

Str 7
Con 9
Wis 7
Int 5
Dex 3
Agi 6
Per 3
Att 4

He could bust a standard door down on a 10 and pass a DC 18 poison on the modifiers alone. He also has a Reaction of 13 and a Will of 9. Just don't ask him to use a weapon or do any kind of talking. Now if we throw Berserk into the equation he gets even better.

I have to admit that I am not sure on exactly the limits of Berserk. While we are operating on the assumption that PC attribute bonuses can go over the natural limit of 10, we have had this nagging feeling that they shouldn’t. We also have an issue of not knowing how long after berserk drops before it can be used again, and are treating it as once-per-encounter.

But with this assumption, we can say Strength 11 and Constitution 11, which is enough to plough through a door on a 2 and drink like Rasputin (You’d need five doses of DC16 poison before you even had a chance of failure.)

And this is where I reinforce my previous statement about specialization. Even Batman, who can handle just about any everyday scenario, can be defeated by poison with ease (though he can pick a lock on a door.) The turtle (Turt Reynolds, if anyone is wondering) can manage both feats, but can only play second to Batman in a fight, especially since most enemies aren’t stupid enough to stand and take on the Turt knowing well and good he’s going to be tough and not armed with a 4d8+1d4 Halberd of elf-spliting.

So the question is now, what happens if batman picks up berserk. Well he can now break standard doors on a 6 or higher as that +4 to strength just became a +8 to your check, (highly practical) and handles poisons much better, with a 50% chance to pass DC18 poisons (less practical, as unless you have a GM willing to let you trigger berserk the moment right before the check you probably won't be berserking when the poison kicks in.)