I've decided that I will be putting off the review of the Triten races for a bit. Partially so I can run a few more numbers but mostly because some of my arguments won't make a lot of sense unless you know how damage and armour handle in Triten. And I would like to say here and now that this is all a numbers game. If you have an idea for a character that runs contrary to my advice and think its fun to play, then play it.

The first thing I noticed upon looking at the armour tables was that not all pieces of armour have the same weight efficiency. So I tallied up the sets and figured their Damage Reduction per lbs of weight. Clothing consists of only a shirt and pants, dresses are heavier for no added bonus.

Type DR Weight DR/lbs
Clothing 3 2 1.5
Leather 10 28 0.357
Chain 15 50 0.300
Plate 22 70 0.314

And again with a cloak...

Type DR Weight DR/lbs
Clothing 4 3 1.333
Leather 11 30 0.367
Chain 16 52 0.308
Plate 23 72 0.319

Funny how basic clothing becomes less efficient, but the weight is still basically negligible. At any rate, leather benefits most from the addition and doesn't cross 30 lbs. Chain and Plate break their weights but not by much.

Taking a look at the individual pieces, we can see that the DR/Weight balance is not uniform across each type. I'll save you all the math and get straight to what you're looking for, the most efficient full set Armour combination that has DR in the double digits... Plate helmet, Leather breastplate, Chain gloves, Chain leggings, and Plate boots...

The PLCCP set offers 16 DR at only 40 lbs of weight for a solid 0.400 points of DR per pound. Add a cloak to this set and boost the DR to 17 for 42lbs for 0.405 DR per pound. Upgrade the gloves to plate for the same effect or stack the two for DR 18 at 44 lbs for 0.409 DR/lbs.

An interesting note is that somehow switching from chain gloves to plate gloves increases efficiency even though the plate gloves by themselves are less efficient than the chain gloves (0.600 vs 0.666 DR/lbs.) This is because the efficiency of the plate gloves is still higher than the average of the rest of the set and still brings more DR. But since gloves are just about the only piece of armour that is this weight efficient, it's more an edge case than anything else.

There are other ways you can play this game... Breastplates might be the bulk of your DR but they are also heavy and inefficient... Dropping Leather boots and picking up a cloak saves you a pound... etc...

I'm not going to cover shields because they are all horribly weight inefficient to the point that your carrying capacity will be the biggest determiner of if and which one you use. If you have the strength, go for it. But keep an eye out for archers.

Now for the flip side in all this... weapons and damage.

I'm going to get this out of the way. Armour Pierce is potent. It allows you to ignore 20 points of DR on most pieces of ammunition with the property. Even with an ADM of 2 on armour piercing arrows, the minimal damage of a short bow is still 5, meaning that even full plate armour with a cape isn't enough to protect you. In short, the rest of this conversation will be about melee weapons.

Weapons generally deal damage on a d8/4/d8/d4 scale, ranging from 1d8+1d4 for unarmed attacks to 4d8+1d4 for the maul and great sword. Now I generally don't like the dual wield option in Triten because the stacking penalties are absolutely brutal, and the rest of the specials are more dependent on a specific style, situation, or preference, so I will largely ignore them. In addition, there really is no place for damage/weight efficiency here since the damage itself reigns supreme and you're more concerned about coming in under your light load limit than anything else.

Taking all of this into account, my recommendations are...
Halberd, 4d8+1d4 damage, 10 lbs, Reach 10 (If you are parry focused, use the Great sword instead)
Long Spear, 4d8 damage, 8 lbs, Reach 10 (If you are parry focused, use the Bastard sword instead)
Long Sword, 3d8+1d4 damage, 5 lbs, Reach 5
Staff, 3d8 damage, 5 lbs, Reach 5 (unless you are really pressed for weight, then go with the epee)
Rapier or Daggers, 2d8+1d4, Reach 5 (it depends on if you get mileage out of parry or assassinate)
Claws, 2d8 to 3d8, 0 lbs, Reach 5
Fists, 1d8+1d4 to 2d8+1d4, 0 lbs, Reach 5

I have a hard time coming to a decision on unarmed/claw attacks. Although they are highly efficient if you are focusing on Dodge as your defense, weigh nothing, and cannot be take from you, you're weapon damage will never be more than 3-13-24 (min-avg-max) if you have claws and 3-11.5-20 if you don't. High strength can improve this, and you'll have the points to dump into it since you aren't worried about dex, but I'll get into why this is an issue in the post on races.

For now, just remember than the PLCCP armour set and any of the above weapons still total 50 lbs or less.